A Guide to KPop Fandom Names

A Guide to KPop Fandom Names

Are you ready to dive into the world of Kpop? Brace yourself, because it's not just about the catchy tunes and mesmerizing dance moves. One thing you'll quickly discover is that Kpop fandoms have their own unique names. And trust us, they can get pretty wild! So, grab your lightstick and let's explore the quirky world of Kpop fandom names together!

1. Stray Kids - Stay

First up, we have Stray Kids, a group known for their energetic performances and relatable lyrics. If you're a fan of Stray Kids, you're officially a "Stay." No, not like staying in bed all day (although that's tempting too), but as in staying by their side through thick and thin. So, are you ready to join the Staycation?

2. Ateez - Atiny

Ateez, the kings of powerful performances and captivating storytelling, have bestowed upon their fans the name "Atiny." It's a combination of "Ateez" and "tiny," symbolizing the strong bond between the group and their fans. So, get ready to sail the seven seas with the Atiny crew!

3. BTS - Army

Ah, BTS, the global superstars who have taken the world by storm. If you're a fan of BTS, you're officially a part of the "Army." No, you won't be marching into battle (unless it's a dance battle), but you'll be joining a massive fandom that supports and loves BTS unconditionally. So, gear up and enlist in the BTS Army!

4. Black Pink - Blink

Black Pink, the fierce and fabulous girl group, has given their fans the name "Blink." It's a clever play on words, combining "Black Pink" and "blink" to represent the group's powerful presence and the fans' unwavering support. So, get ready to shine bright like a Blink!

5. Enhypen - Engene

Enhypen, the rising stars of the Kpop scene, have chosen the name "Engene" for their fans. It's a fusion of "Enhypen" and "engine," symbolizing the fans' role in driving the group's success. So, buckle up and join the Engene crew for an exhilarating ride!

6. Zerobaseone - Zerose

Now, let's talk about Zerobaseone, a group that's all about breaking boundaries and pushing limits. Their fans proudly call themselves "Zerose." It's a name that represents the fans' determination to start from scratch and support the group from the ground up. So, be a hero and join the Zero squad!

7. Twice - Once

Last but certainly not least, we have Twice, the queens of catchy hooks and addictive choreography. If you're a fan of Twice, you're officially a "Once." It's a name that signifies the special bond between the group and their fans, as they promise to love each other "once and for all." So, get ready to dance the night away with the Once family!

There's so many others but these are just a few of my favourites.

And there you have it, a quirky guide to Kpop fandom names! Remember, being part of a fandom is all about embracing the music, the community, and the unique identity that comes with it. So, pick your fandom name, wear it proudly, and get ready for an unforgettable Kpop journey!

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